The Flashless Gunpowder Source

“The Stealth Gunpowder has a much less muzzle flash, much easier to get on your sights after the first round is fired.  Could not tell the accuracy between both rounds, but I liked the Stealth Gunpowder much better than the conventional round when it comes to shooting at night or in a dark building because of less muzzle flash.”

“Stealth Gunpowder allows the shooter to re-acquire the sight picture more quickly.  Stealth Gunpowder has slightly less recoil than conventional.”

“During firing the felt recoil was not very noticeable, but watching the other shooters, it was obvious there was a difference.  The lower flash of the Stealth Gunpowder made target acquisition much more easier and faster.  I felt this was a great advantage.”

“ I noticed a major difference with sight acquisition with multiple shots due to the reduced muzzle flash. Thanks.”

“I was able to keep my eyes on my front sight with Stealth Gunpowder, but the muzzle flash on the conventional was so bright, I had to reacquire my front sight.”

Stealth Gunpowder