The Flashless Gunpowder Source

“ Securing the tactical advantage is critical in saving lives.  A penny or two of increased cost for our product, will never be complained about by the man who’s life it saved.”

~Wendell Thompson
President– Stealth Industries

Why the higher Cost?

Stealth Gunpowder is very chemically different from standard gunpowder.  Over 50% of the chemical components of this powder are not found in smokeless gunpowder.  Those chemicals add to the expense of the powder.

Stealth Gunpowder is PROUDLY made ENTIRELY in the USA, with USA  labor force, knowledge and ingenuity, and product components.  We acknowledge that we could make this gunpowder overseas at a better price point, however we choose to support the USA economy and we take pride in having this revolutionary new product come from within our shores, made by our own people.

Stealth Gunpowder is made to MIL-SPEC standards and quality.   This is an intensive process of testing, documentation, product controls and quality limitations that must be met in order to carry the MIL-SPEC title.   These extra quality controls add to the end user price, however this also produces an increase in the quality of the powder.   The quality variations from one round to the next are vastly diminished by the quality controls instilled in a MIL-SPEC powder.   This quality of powder is not traditionally seen in civilian grade powder.

How much will the added cost effect my overall cartridge cost?

An average pound of powder in the local sporting goods store runs about $30/pound.   Stealth Gunpowder MSRP is about $40/lb.   Gunpowder is the least expensive component in a pistol cartridge, and the second lowest cost in rifle rounds, so a price increase in powder has the least effect on the overall

Stealth Gunpowder